Computer Words is a tool that helps you write documentation for software. It is extensible and you can write Markdown. Computer Words is conceptually similar to Sphinx.

The page you are reading was written in Computer Flavored Markdown and compiled with Computer Words.

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# if necessary, install a version of Python ≥ 3.3:
brew install python3.5  # or whatever

# then install Computer Words
pip install computerwords

Now you're ready to run! You just need to write a Markdown file and a config.

# My Cool Project

Hello world!
  "site_title": "My Cool Project",
  "site_subtitle": "The coolest project ever",
  "project_version": "1.0",
  "file_hierarchy": ["*.md"]
> python3 -m computerwords --conf docs/conf.json

The built docs are now in docs/build/.



Send feature requests, syntax suggestions, and large-scale architecture proposals to the mailing list. What you see on this site is the result of one person's ideas about how a tool like this should work. We need more people's input to make something really great.

Bug reports

There are a lot of known bad cases, but we need to know which ones people actually hit. Send these to GitHub.


If this sounds fun to work on, good, because literally everything needs work. Either email the list or just dive in!