This music is all under the Creative Commons Attribution-Nomcommercial-Share-Alike 3.0 license. It’s not very good, but it’s on the internet!



Techno with some grungy guitar by my then-13-year-old brother. Good stuff. This track is in gw0rp.

The Creature Sneaks

A very laid back track that might make you feel a little bit like a spy in the ‘80s. This track is also in gw0rp.

Glue Me Together

The opening track of gw0rp. I plan to expand it with vocals at some point in the distant future, but for now, it’s a nice piece.

Jingle Bombs

A demented Christmas song mash-up.

Singing Lessons

Out of tune melodies never sounded so good.


A throwback to your Gameboy days. Loops nicely.

No Return

One of two tracks for Escort Wing.

Duty Calls

The other Escort Wing track. Catchy melody.

Catastrophe Prelude

Electronics. Suspense. 3/4 time.

Parakeet in the E.R.

Funky, blippy song featuring the PVC instrument I build for Science Olympiad my senior year of high school.


A contemplative jam. Ocarina by Eric Baize, guitars by Phillip Johnson and Amanda Andrews, PVC by myself.


Super Mario Bros. Theme for 3 Cellos

This arrangement may contain one or two minor errors. I would be interested in where they are.

Blackbird for 1 Cello

The guitar part of Blackbird. Add a singer and work on those plucking skills.

Goodbye Blue Sky for 5 Cellos

An cello ensemble version of all of The Wall would be pretty amazing, no?