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Characters and Qualities

It's possible to use only model.globalState to store your game's state, sometimes even desirable, but Jumbo Grove includes another way: characters.

A character is a collection of qualities. A quality is a value (string, number, or boolean) with a human-readable name.

As an example, consider a game about a group's survival in a zombie apocalypse. Here's what each character's qualities would look like:

All characters must be defined at the start of the game. It is not currently possible to add or remove characters.

Here's a quick example of working with characters in a function:

Here's the code for the example:

jumbogrove.jumbogrove('#game', {
  id: 'character-example',
  showAside: true,
  asideHeader: "Qualities:",
  showNav: true,
  navHeader: "Qualities: the game!",
  characters: [
      // 'player' is a special character accessible at model.player
      id: 'player',  
      name: 'You',
      // this is like globalState but just for this character.
      state: {},  

      qualities: {
        // Qualities are always grouped.
        main: {
          name: 'Main',  // optional group heading
          priority: 0,   // higher priority = higher in list
          hidden: false, // default true; if false, not shown in sidebar
          hunger: {
            name: "Hunger",
            type: 'wordScale',
            words: [
              'stuffed', 'full', 'satisfied', 'not hungry',
              'a little hungry', 'very hungry', 'super hungry', 'famished',
              'ravenous', 'starving'
            offset: -1,  // wordScale is 0-indexed, but value is 1-indexed, so
                          // subtract 1 when looking up words
            initialValue: 4,  // "not hungry"

  situations: [
      id: 'start',
      enter: function(model, ui) {
        model.character('player').addToQuality('hunger', 1);
        After adding 1 to player hunger, player is now:
      content: `
        Quality name: {{ model.character('player')|qualityName('hunger') }}

        Quality value: {{ model.character('player')|quality('hunger') }}
      choices: ['eat'],
      id: 'eat',
      enter: function(model, ui) {
        model.character('player').addToQuality('hunger', -1);
      content: `
      Look at the sidebar; the value changed

Since this feature requires more JavaScript knowledge, this guide won't dig in to qualities, since you can probably figure it out from the API. Please open a GitHub issue if you have trouble.

Character State

You can store whatever JSON-safe values you like on the .state attribute of a character. These values are restored when you save and load.