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Saving & Loading

Jumbo Grove games are saved to browser local storage. If you players use Incognito Mode/Private Browsing, it won't work.

The game only saves when entering situations with autosave: true.

When loading a game, the whole transcript is not replayed. The game picks up where the player left off, without showing the whole history.

Version Numbers

In addition to an id, you should define a version for your game, because the game's savefile location is based on the version number.

Resetting the Game

There is a special

Quick Example

Try navigating to a new scene and reloading the page.

jumbogrove.jumbogrove('#game', {
  id: 'save-example',
  showNav: true,
  gameSaveMessage: '> Game saved.',
  navHeader: `
  ### A Game You Can Save

  [Start over](>resetGame)
  situations: [
      id: 'start',
      autosave: true,
      content: `
      You are at START.
      choices: ['the-other-scene']
      id: 'the-other-scene',
      autosave: true,
      content: `
      You are at THE OTHER SCENE.
      choices: ['start']