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2015-04-25: Slam Jamsen’s Salvage Operation EP released

2015-04-20: The Nest EP released

2015-03-19: Replaced barren blog with changelog

2014-12-07: Recorded an EP with The Nest (drums)

2014-04-27: Recorded an album with Anthony Presti (bass)

2012-11-10: First Literally Canvas commit

2012-10-01: Started working at Graffiti Labs, on Buildy

2012-05-22: Graduated college (BS/MS Comp Sci)

2011-08-31: Released Patent Portal, an iPad app to browse the USPTO (now off the app store while I develop v2)

2011-05-??: Started working at Yelp

2010-10-26: My first mrjob pull request

2007-09-??: Started college