Important iOS 8 and Yosemite features eclipsed by other news

So much information was packed into this year’s WWDC keynote that some cool features aren’t making it into the news. Swift is great and all, but here are some other things that excite me.

First, JavaScript can now be JITed in web views outside Safari on iOS. That makes a huge difference to apps like (ahem) Buildy that really need the speed boost. WebGL is also enabled by default on iOS and OS X. These factors together mean huge advances in HTML5 games on iOS. (And I guess OS X Safari too, but who uses that?)

Second, iOS apps can share login data with Safari, so you don’t need to log in twice if you switch between the app and the web site. While it’s rare that I run into this kind of situation, it’s going to be really helpful when I do.

Finally, JavaScript has been added as an alternative to AppleScript. I’ve long considered AppleScript a killer technology, but the syntax is so obtuse that I’ve never used it. While I’m not a huge fan of JavaScript as a language, it sure as hell beats AppleScript. The phrase “always bet on JS” has never resonated with me, but I do believe it applies to JS being used to do more kinds of things.

We should all thank the revised WWDC NDA that I’m allowed to talk about this stuff to my tens of potential readers.