Game Jam Curriculum Vitae

If you’re looking for someone to join your game jam team as a musician, coder, or sound designer, I might be a good fit!

I am not looking for an actual job in the video games industry.


I can write pretty good music pretty quickly. I’m not a professional, but I’ve made a lot of music! I play keyboards, bass, drums, and cello, I’ve mixed demos for my band in Logic, and I played piano for an improv comedy troupe for two years.

When I do jams less than 72 hours long, I typically only spend a couple of hours on music. But if music were my only job on a jam team, I’d be able to put in 4-10 hours over a weekend.



I haven’t done a ton of sound design, but I have a few good microphones and working knowledge of Logic. I think Bfxr is better than nothing, but very boring.


I’m experienced in Python, JavaScript, Swift, and Objective-C. I could work in other tools as a non-primary coder, but I’d like to avoid Unity (forever) and GameMaker Studio (for now).


I’m available most weekends, and uanvailable most weekdays.

Right now I prefer short-term projects to long-term ones. Two weeks is the upper limit of what I can commit to.