The New Dork Times


The New Dork Times was written circa 1997 by two 8-year-old boys named Eric Drury and Stephen Johnson. Its exact dates and frequency are long lost to the chasms of time, but its biting social commentary is as relevant as ever.

The authors have long lost contact with each other. This archive was retrieved from a dusty box filled with disintegrating newsprint and stray LEGO blocks.

Digital Archive

The digital archive you are reading now was completed over slightly more than two hours of painstaking work. Each salvageable page of the original newsprint was scanned with a cheap document scanner, preserving the original defects of the medium seen in the forward-looking, media-heavy, apocalyptic Issue 9.

The text of each issue was extracted with advanced "Optical Character Recognition" technology and tweaked by hand to remove errors. Markdown directives were also added. The Markdown file was converted to HTML and inserted into a simple template with no further programmatic modification.

The resulting DOM tree was minimally styled with CSS, letting your web browser's gorgeous default settings shine through. It was also made interactive with cutting-edge Javascript know-how and elbow grease.