Steve Landey

Procgen art projects

Uses Tracery and some large word lists to generate some actually pretty good band names


Explore an imaginary procgen universe of stars and planets using a Windows 95 digital telescope

This Guitar Pedal Does Not Exist

Peruse a catalog of procedurally generated guitar pedals with random marketing copy


Oscillator Drum Jams

Companion app for a drum instruction book that makes it more fun to play along to exercises. Collaboration with Jake Wood.

Blog series about it


Make funny creatures and share them over iMessage. Collaboration with Kelsey Bass.


Quick Fiction

A very cool pop punk band I play drums in!


My page

I make small games for fun and post them on Itch.

A look back at old games

Wanna see the weird stuff I made when I was 12 years old?

Other projects


Browserboard is a multiuser online whiteboard I made in 2020 and sold in 2023. It’s still up and very good!


This is a linter for iOS and Android localization files I wrote to help make sure Asana doesn’t ship localization bugs.

Old blog