Steve Landey

Bibble Biter

I made this very silly, very badly designed game for a 3-week competition. There is no download because it is not worth playing.

In 2005 I was a junior in high school, and the source for this game is a single 1,400 line BlitzMax BASIC file.

Design notes from 12 years later

I think I made this because I thought it would look hilarious. And it does look hilarious. It’s just unplayable.


  • Second-best animations I’ve ever made (see Artack). They’re so fuzzy! And look at his little legs move!
  • When your character eats a fuzzball, a little bit of line-art fur drifts down slowly.


  • There are too many things on screen. It is impossible to tell what is going on, or dodge, or aim.
  • The black zapper things give no warning at all that they are about to zap, so they just kind of randomly kill you.
  • The dominant strategy is to find an open area, jump, hold the F key, and run back and forth constantly.
  • I cannot survive more than 60 seconds in this entire game, and I made it.