Exports a class to load .xp files and draw them to a BearLibTerminal console.

class clubsandwich.blt.rexpaint_image.REXPaintImage(path)

Loads REXPaint (.xp) images and draws them to a BearLibTerminal console.

Note that while REXPaint lets you specify background colors for any layer, BearLibTerminal only supports it for layer 0. To work around this, the layer 0 background colors are overwritten by non-transparent background colors of higher layers.

Parameters:path (str) – Path to a .xp file
draw(point, layer=0, terminal=None, default_bg_color=None)

Draw the image at the given point. If terminal is provided, it should be a BearLibTerminalContext.

  • point (clubsandwich.geom.Point) – origin
  • layer (int) – Image layer to draw (default 0)
  • terminal – Terminal to draw to