class clubsandwich.ui.RectView(color_fg=’#aaaaaa’, color_bg=’#000000’, fill=False, style=’single’, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.view.View

  • color_fg (str) – Foreground color
  • color_bg (str) – Background color (only applies on terminal layer zero)
  • fill (bool) – If True (default False), fill not just the border but also the middle.
  • style (str) – 'single' or 'double'

See View for the rest of the init arguments.

Draws a rectangle in its bounds using ASCII line art.

│       │
│       │
class clubsandwich.ui.WindowView(title=None, *args, subviews=None, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.misc_views.RectView

Parameters:title (str) – Window title

See RectView for the rest of the init arguments.

A rectangle with a centered label on the top containing the text title. All given subviews are put in an inner view that’s inset by 1 cell so the subview don’t overlap the border.

│            │
│            │
class clubsandwich.ui.LabelView(text, color_fg=’#ffffff’, color_bg=’#000000’, align_horz=’center’, align_vert=’center’, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.view.View

Draws the given string inside its bounds. Multi-line strings work fine.

  • text (str) – Text to draw
  • color_fg (str) – Foreground color
  • color_bg (str) – Background color (only applies on terminal layer zero)
  • align_horz ('center'|'left'|'right') – Horizontal alignment
  • align_vert ('center'|'top'|'bottom') – Vertical alignment

See View for the rest of the init arguments.

class clubsandwich.ui.ButtonView(text, callback, align_horz=’center’, align_vert=’center’, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.view.View

  • text (str) – Button title
  • callback (func) – Function to call when button is activated. Takes no arguments.
  • align_horz (str) – Horizontal alignment. See LabelView.
  • align_vert (str) – Vertical alignment. See LabelView.

See View for the rest of the init arguments.

Contains a label. Can be first responder. When a button is the first responder:

  • The label is drawn black-on-white instead of white-on-black
  • Pressing the Enter key calls callback
class clubsandwich.ui.CyclingButtonView(options, initial_value, callback, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.misc_views.ButtonView

  • options (list) – List of options, which must be strings
  • initial_value (str) – Item from options to display first
  • callback (func) – Function taking one argument, the option that is now selected

Button which, when activated, chooses the “next” value in the given list, calls callback(new_value), and updates its text to the new value.

All values must be strings. If this bothers you, pull requests are welcome.

class clubsandwich.ui.SettingsListView(label_control_pairs, value_column_width=16, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.firstrespondercontainerview.FirstResponderContainerView

  • label_control_pairs (list) – List like [('Label', ButtonView(...)), ...]
  • value_column_width (int) – Number of characters to use for the value column

See FirstResponderContainerView for the rest of the constructor args.

Presents a list with labels on the left and controls on the right. Intended to be used for “settings” of various kinds.

The list is surrounded by a border with a scroll bar. The active element is kept visible via scrolling.

The list itself both becomes the first responder (you switch to/from it with tab/shift+tab) and contains its own first responder, which you switch using the arrow keys.


      ("Advanced water effects",
         ["Yes", "No"], "Yes",

How far down the user has scrolled. If a negative value, no scrolling is possible.

class clubsandwich.ui.SingleLineTextInputView(callback, initial_value=”, color_unselected_fg=’#ffffff’, color_unselected_bg=’#000000’, color_selected_fg=’#ffff00’, color_selected_bg=’#000000’, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.view.View

  • callback (func) – callback(text). Called when focus changes.
  • color_unselected_fg (string) –
  • color_unselected_bg (string) –
  • color_selected_fg (string) –
  • color_selected_bg (string) –

See View for the rest of the constructor args.

Simple text input.

class clubsandwich.ui.IntStepperView(value, callback, min_value=None, max_value=None, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: clubsandwich.ui.view.View

  • value (int) – Initial value
  • callback (func) – Called with updated values
  • min_value (int|None) – Min value or None
  • max_value (int|None) – Max value or None

See View for the rest of the init arguments.