Steve Landey

Space Train

Inga Borga is a poetry-loving senior citizen. One of her favorite authors, Stanislov Slavinsky, is reading his poetry live on the nearby Planet Deux, a short hop by space train from Inga’s home. She wants nothing more than to see Stanislav in person, so she catches the Mustachio Express to Planet Deux. Little does she know it will be a bumpy ride…

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Space Train is a short point-and-click adventure game developed over the course of a semester by students at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University. It features a dynamic, event-driven level scripting engine that supports characters, items, inventory, dialogue, and more. Space Train is written in Python using the pyglet library.

The game is very short, but it serves as a great demo for the engine and as a showcase for the artists who put so much love into the environments and characters.

The project was supervised by Dr. Marc Buchner, Case Western Reserve University and Knut Hybinette, Cleveland Institute of Art.

The Team

  • Steve Johnson: Lead programmer, screenplay, music, engine, UI
  • Kelsey Bass: Lead artist, character design/line work/animation
  • Fred Hatfull: Level scripting, engine, UI
  • Liz Keegan: Environments, objects
  • Tyler Goeringer: Level scripting, engine
  • Susie Kim: Objects
  • Drew Carrow: Character design, environment/objects
  • Sean Murphy: Sound, pause screen
  • Dylan Carrow: Coloring, objects
  • Vincent Pizarski: Character design, coloring, exteriors

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Download for Windows

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